Chris Fitzsimons


My Comic Work

Before I became a novelist, I spent many years writing stories for comic strips. I wrote for Hornet, Wizard, Hotspur, Bunty and Mandy. My stories included The Hover Rovers and The Flying Tigers.

I also wrote a number of Commando books. These are short pictorial books, usually telling war stories. These are some of my stories:

Big Joe
Carson's Private Army
Ghost Sargeant
Hammer of the Japs
Jungle Ace
Kelly's Army
Lone Wolf
Man of Iron
River of Death
Top Gunner
Trail of a Hero
Wings of War
Zero Basher

You can read an interview with me about my comic work on the

Victor, Hornet and Hotspur Comics Website.


My Comic Works

Stories for

Hornet, Wizard, Hotspur,

Bunty, Mandy,

Commando Books