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Suspense is the keynote in my stories. As one reviewer said when they first appeared, if you start reading in the evening, be prepared to stay up into the small hours.


The Last Spitfire

Spring 1980. A total security screen has been thrown around Edinburgh because as the capital of the newest of the oil-producing countries, it has been chosen as the site of their next international conference. The British security services are confident every possible loophole has been covered. The fact that a Palestinian group is sending its own representative as a sign of good faith is a fair indication that there will be no problems from that direction. The only disquieting note is struck by Alec Martin, who has information, from an impeccable source, that the city will come under a planned attack during the opening ceremony — yet no one will heed his warning. He's written off as at best a nuisance, at worst a crank. This nightmare dilemma forces Alec Martin to an inescapable conclusion: as he is the only person who believes in the threat, it is up to him, and him alone, to take action to prevent it. Reluctantly, but driven to near-desperation by the wall of opposition he encounters on all sides, Alec Martin, an ordinary individual who knows nothing of the subtleties and viciousness of the espionage game, accepts that in his barely-remembered skill as a wartime fighter pilot, he holds the key that will prevent a disaster of catastrophic proportions. But has he the nerve, the ability, above all the conviction to use it ?

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Reflex Action

It is twelve years since Ernest Fisher defected to the West, twelve years during which he has tried to elude his past -to forget the wariness, the fear and the cunning that once made him a successful undercover operative in the security service of his former homeland. Twelve years in which he has gradually settled down to the quiet anonymity of suburban life, an insurance clerk's job, a wife and children. And during these years he has sought to bury the bitterness which drove him to swear an oath of vengeance - never fulfilled - on his former chief, the man who betrayed him. Now his old enemy is visiting Britain in the new role of trade minister, and Ernest Fisher is abruptly made aware that his own life is in mortal peril - that the man he once swore to kill is protecting himself by arranging to have Fisher eliminated. So begins this exciting novel of suspense - one of the most gripping tales of hunter and the hunted since Geoffrey Household's classic, Rogue Male. Running and hiding, having to run again, Fisher is forced to re-learn his almost-forgotten training in a desperate effort to save himself and his family. For this hunting ground is no vast wilderness but the streets of the city where an office, a car park ¬even his own home - can hide a trap primed to snap shut on himself, his wife, his children. As the enemy systematically blocks every avenue of escape, Fisher turns into a cornered animal, consumed by the anger and fear that first made him swear that oath to kill. Deftly and ingeniously, with ever-mounting tension, Chris Fitzsimons leads us into the soul of the hunted, until the moment when one finds the other in the cross hairs of a telescopic sight...

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Novel Three

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